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A simple walk can turn into an amazing photo shoot for Diana. One of the things she gets hired to do is to capture the yards and spaces of her clients to help them see all the beauty that they might be missing around them when life gets so hectic. It is part of the healing of her work. Any walk in any space can show miracles and beauty. Diana most especially enjoys nature in all its glory...tiny and large.
Daisy Love2884522A-D50D-4A12-ADC3-0B376F76C205 copy1CE340EF-9A21-4CA8-B977-33DA855F18EDSuch a simple act that sustains all of life.80795B58-7482-4C4E-A616-F612C5196B56IMG_2707The unfolding of lifeA pause to look aroundED84C7A3-B1B8-4185-946E-2236DCDF0B20 copy 2Surrounded by the wisdom of trees reaching for the skyMany wishesSacred GeometryThe Moon in DaytimeWho decided a weed is a weed?Daffodil LoveSuch soft details that bring about flyingSpringLife unfoldingShe so loved her nutFine beauty in the small things